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Table Cloth Fairtrade

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Tablecloth - Screen Print, Kanan Forest Grove. Suit 6-8 Seat Table

Screen printing, also known as silk-screening, is a method of printing that involves using a mesh screen to transfer a purpose developed viscous water-based ink onto the cotton fabric. It is designed to pass through the mesh of the screen and adhere well to the fabric without bleeding or fading.

The artisan prepares a screen, which has a stencil of the image or design.  Dye is forced through the open areas of the stencil onto the surface below, creating the desired print.

A "Multi-colour screen printing" process is used to create these tablecloths. This process involves using multiple screens, each carrying a different part of the design and/or a specific color.

In Hindi, "कानन" (kanan) means "forest" or "jungle." It refers to a large area of land covered with trees, plants, and wildlife, typically in a natural and wild state.

 L=230 W=150cm

Suit 6-8 seater regular shape table.
20-30cm drop all sides
Cold Wash, Dry in Shade

Fair Trade India