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Table Cloth Fairtrade - Sunshine

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Tablecloth - Block Print, Prakasa Sunshine.

This 100% cotton tablecloth is hand blockprinted, with each block motif carefully stamped in a systematic pattern. Blue stripes, dots and circles block prints, contrast against the yellow motifs.

Block printing is a traditional form of textile printing in India, where artisans use carved wooden blocks to apply patterns and designs onto fabric.

This heritage craft has been practiced for centuries and continues to be a significant art form in various regions of India.

In Hindi, "प्रकाश" (prakāśa) means "light" or "illumination." It is commonly used to refer to the physical light as well as metaphorically to represent knowledge, enlightenment, or understanding.


Standard:  L=230 W=150cm
Suit 6-8 seater regular shape table.
20-30cm drop all sides

Fair Trade India