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Luxury Reed Diffuser - Ocean Drift

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Bramble Bay Luxury Diffuser - Ocean Drift Fragrance | Fresh Salt Spray, Tropical Gardens | 150ml Reed Diffuser"

Escape to an afternoon paradise with Bramble Bay's Ocean Drift Luxury Diffuser. Experience the freshness of salt spray meeting tropical gardens, enhanced by a hint of fruit warmed by golden sunshine. Bring this invigorating atmosphere to your own home with our 150ml Reed Diffuser, featuring an elegant glass vessel adorned with real sand and shells, complemented by natural willow sticks and 100% fabric reeds for optimal fragrance release. Proudly Made in Australia, our diffuser comes with simple instructions for a delightful aromatic experience. Turn the reeds for a stronger perfume or use fewer for a softer fragrance. Elevate your space with this Australian-made luxury diffuser, capturing the essence of an oceanic paradise.