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  • Dreamfarm Set of Kitchen essentials
  • dreamfarm set of kitchen essentials
  • Dreamfarm set of kitchen essentials
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Dreamfarm Set of Essentials

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Introducing our 'Set of Essentials,' a curated collection of everyday kitchen tools. This set includes a versatile Chopula for flexible chopping, a Supoon silicone scraping spoon, a Mini Chopula for flexible cookie turning, and a Mini Supoon, the handy silicone jar spoon. Elevate your cooking experience with this essential ensemble designed to make your kitchen tasks efficient and enjoyable. Crafted for convenience and durability, our Set of Essentials is a must-have for any kitchen.

1 x Chopula – flexible chopping spatula

1 x Supoon – silicone scraping spoon

1 x Mini Chopula – flexible cookie turner

1 x Mini Supoon – silicone jar spoon